Which actor do you think is hiding something? And why?

2022.01.29 05:24 siccdoc Which actor do you think is hiding something? And why?

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2022.01.29 05:24 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - In France, anti-vax fury, politics make public service risky | ABC

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2022.01.29 05:24 Correct-Research-327 Blue saturday

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2022.01.29 05:24 Blueyisonline Come on Mom...

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2022.01.29 05:24 EverythingIsFine08 Brutta storia

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2022.01.29 05:24 intelligentinsanity 32 [M4F] [Friendship] - A Distraction From Real Life

If your reality is a little complicated like mine and you need an escape form time to time, join me
Be my confidante and i will be yours.
We'll share our stories, our days and make each other laugh.
Give me importance and i will make you a priority.
Come escape with me
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2022.01.29 05:24 4_Space_2_Monkey_0 SNEAK PEAK of upcoming Extraterrestrial NFT drop. Stay tuned to sea more. __ALBUM DROPPING SOON__STAY TUNED___ [Check out my profile for other cool artwork and more NFT albums]

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2022.01.29 05:24 8Ariadnesthread8 A creepy blog post from Sarah Titus that has not yet been posted yet, and some questions.

Happy Saturday!
I don't believe this blog post has been shared yet after doing a deep dive of my own tonight. Thanks to u/Marius_Eponine and others for the inspiration and background info. For those who don't know, the long and short of it is that she appears to be stalking someone significantly younger for more than six years now. It began when he was a teen. She was excommunicated from her church for refusing to believe that he was not in love with her. He and his family have asked her to stop contact, as have most of her friends and family, or so she says.
It is sad and scary, and she is not well. Please, please do not try to find her victim on social media or through the church. She has not been clever at hiding his identity and there's no reason to share it. Let him be anonymous.
I'm not sure 100% that this post is about her previous victim. She says in this blog that they have been friends for two years. She said that she met her victim like 6 years ago. But the way that she talks about this guy seems like the same kid. Here is her creepy as fuck blog post from 2021;
And here is the most recent post about her, including info about the police getting involved.
Outstanding questions:
1) did that poor kid (now young adult) finally get a restraining order against her?
2) Is this "friend of two years" in this blog the same kid, or is she finally moving on with someone else? (I kinda doubt it).
3) Is it true that she made $13 million selling PDFs and online classes? She claims to make a lot of money, but I wonder if she reports that much to the IRS, or if she reports much less? I don't know how to figure that stuff out for businesses or an even know whether it is public.
4) who died recently that was driving a wedge between her and her love (see post above)? A girlfriend? In which case, extra sad because she would be pretty young. Is it one of his parents? Either way, stalking somebody and then celebrating the death of someone close to them is extra horrific.
5) Why does it feel like her blog post comment sections are all written by the same people, who happen to write like she does? They sometimes include a link back to her own products. But they are also prolific and number and would take a huge amount of time to fake. If her sales are what she claims they are, it's totally possible to have this many comments. But they seem strangely consistent.
If you want more background, just search her in the sub and there are some other posts with more links to other blog entries and posts. It's a rabbit hole...
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2022.01.29 05:24 govindk18 Noticed a lack of memes on here

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2022.01.29 05:24 EliteUpSteady Thrilled with this Grilled Pork. 😁👌🏼 yummy weekend! 😋

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2022.01.29 05:24 kmsasaki [Round 106368] give me title of WikiHow

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2022.01.29 05:24 Consistent_Two7197 Asking direction?

Excuse me sir to Mr Allied Security. The map shows 102-114 Where is 100?
Walks me to one corner and says up there I can’t tell you you have to read it yourself. WHAT? There’s no 100! He calls backup… The customer still won’t answer it’s a liquor and pizza delivery. Security says I’m trespassing now I gave ‘‘em the 🖕.They call back but have to walk to me across street. Now I have a date! with a public defender! Beats the tip of $10.85 OFFLINE✌️
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2022.01.29 05:24 Bails_of_hay19 Found the holy grail- a fantastic roommate! But I fear IM the bad roommate

My new roommate is amazing. The first week she was here she deep cleaned the living room and re decorated the bathroom and library(im not rich, it’s just a dining room that I don’t use as a dining room cuz honestly what single 23yo needs a room just for a table lol) with her own money. Very clean. Gives me rides when she can and refuses gas money. I didn’t have time to pay a bill that is from before she moved in, so I gave her the money and told her how to pay it and asked if she’d do it for me. She handed the money back to me and told me she’d pay it this month!! (I obviously didn’t let her. That was my bill from before her, it’s my responsibility)
The problem lies with me. I am messy. I am working on it. A planner with daily todo lists, cleaning tasks, and organization tasks. I do clean up after myself. I do my daily dishes at night before bed and take the trash out every few days. Clean my litter boxes twice a week. But still I fuck it up. Like I realized today I left my hair brush in front of the heater in the hall way.(I get ready in front of the heater during the winter)
Our house has all the bedrooms on one side connected by a door between them… only our two rooms don’t have a door. We plan on getting one, but right now it’s not in either of our budgets. So we have a curtain. She goes to bed around 1 am, I got to bed closer to 3. So I’ve been making sure to turn my light off when she does and just chill in the dark for a few hours. Not really a big problem, but I do think I want some LED lights or Christmas lights, but I’m not sure if that’ll be too bright. I also have trouble being quiet sometimes. I work morning shifts on weekends and last weekend I dropped a jewelry box and woke her up. The next day(Sunday) I forgot it was trash night until she was already asleep and was loud gathering trash and taking the can to the road. Then when I was feeding my rats one got out and decided to chill under the bed with my 70lb dog who uses his paws to play and I was scared she’d get crushed and was definitely loud yelling at my dog to leave her alone and moving the bed to get her.
So that brings us to the next day, when I lost my rat again. I decided after Sundays disaster to do rat play time during the day from now on. But still, the other rat(I have 2) got out. And she is super scared and not trusting yet so it was absolutely hell to get her back. My roommate ended up being the one who actually got her.
I did talk to her about all of these incidents and apologized. She said it was no big deal, shit happens. But being someone who has lived with absolutely terrible people, I know how little things can build and cause resentment. I really like my roommate, we were close friends before she moved in.
So yeah, I’m trying. Making an effort to clean up, be quiet, and not force responsibility for my animals on her. But yet, I’m still fucking this up. How do I be better?
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2022.01.29 05:24 Clouds-Are-Nice-21 I’ll eat breakfast now

Any recommendations?
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2022.01.29 05:24 Educational_Poet_834 Regice 3100 8817 3481

3100 8817 3481
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2022.01.29 05:24 proseoexpertsagor Andras Kristof on Galaxis' Platform for Dynamic NFTs, Crypto Current #251

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2022.01.29 05:24 gumm1nho Das beliebteste Fast Food Gericht in den USA?

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2022.01.29 05:24 echtIrre OT: Ukraine

Estland will neun Haubitzen aus DDR-Altbeständen an die Ukraine geben. Das Verteidigungsministerium arbeitet deshalb an einem gemeinsamen Votum der Bundesregierung zu dem Vorhaben. Wegen der ursprünglich deutschen Herkunft der Geschütze muss Estland vor der Lieferung eine Genehmigung Deutschlands einholen. 
NEUN 50 Jahre alte Haubitzen werden der Ukraine gegen Russland helfen.
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2022.01.29 05:24 oshaboy Who won the war of 1812?

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2022.01.29 05:24 TheKingDotExe Xayah prestige skin

Could someone tell me when the prestige skin for xayah releases and weather if it is going to be on the pass or with the prestige points?
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2022.01.29 05:24 ksjaochd AGM M7 - How to turn off Android-Keyboard (AOSP) and only use iME?

Every single time I want to write a message this stupid mini-keyboard, that's way to small pops uo, and on my phone my keyboard obly can write numbers. I HLhave to switch every single time back to the ime-mode. How gan I change that, and make the normal iME keyboard the primary one?
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2022.01.29 05:24 HollisterBelmont I'm looking for feedback on my novella collection. I get stars in reviews, but what I need are words. If anyone is willing, I'll link to the free download page

It's a collection of 7 novellas, ranging in genre from sci-ci/fantasy/comedy/romance/eerie/slice of life etc

Like I said, I need some comments, not just stars. If anyone wants to download a copy, which is free until Feb. 3rd, and just hang onto it until you feel like reading one of the stories in there, that'll work for me. I'll take anything you feel like offering.

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2022.01.29 05:24 LeBadlyNamedRedditor I dont think mirror works like that supercell.

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2022.01.29 05:24 Monke_with_no_brim When or will Icarus get a performance update?

Icarus is unplayable for me rn, if you check my previous post on my profile, you can see a more detailed explanation. Anyway I was just wondering if rocketwerkz is gonna do anything about this anytime soon because I was not able to get any information online
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2022.01.29 05:24 egrka Happy I kept my preorder for Asmus 1/6 scale Ash

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