Republikon: Novák Katalint picit többen utálják, mint ahányan kedvelik

2022.01.29 04:09 telex_bot Republikon: Novák Katalint picit többen utálják, mint ahányan kedvelik

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2022.01.29 04:09 CompetitiveCut1331 Je fais Lola j’ai un scénario (vous me dominez)

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2022.01.29 04:09 MediumHotIce "Adam Cole isn't in terrible shape, he looks just like super cut mma fighters Conor McGregor. Fuck your 90s mindset, bro"

An actual delusional reply that I received from the basement when pointing out that Adam Cole looks like shit.
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2022.01.29 04:09 FabianSex Can someone add me on pv

Name: BigDONGFabian
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2022.01.29 04:09 ggmoney14 can someone trade with my Electrabuzz pls

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2022.01.29 04:09 EmpressEvvy Is it true that men "always cheat"

I (31 f) am I'm my first relationship with a man, (30 m) and to avoid getting into detail I was having a conversation with a woman who said
"No prob;em and good luck. Re;relationships are really hard but it's best to pick and choose which battles to fight . Men are men. They will always be flirtatious , they will always want more than they can have , they will always want something new, but if you stand by him and are there for him for the important things in life , when he really needs you. "
"men are gonna cheat , period. Either put up with it or move on lol. It's something that is innate in them. They literally cannot help it. They are designed to spread their seed. That's their purpose in life. The faster you accept that the easier your life will be. I always just don't show any jealousy even if I am and just do what I wanna do when they do. them when we are together I show them how much I do like or love them."
These are exact text messages from someone giving me advice and idk how to take it. .
Cuz to me I'm in a monogamous relationship, that he and i both established we are monogamous. And we've discussed cheating being an issue.. And to hear someone say that men will do it either way really has me thinking. I'm just genuinely curious about responses.
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2022.01.29 04:09 thegreatlakshya Metaverse will be a boon or curse.

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2022.01.29 04:09 Low-Listen-1731 Selling Pieces

Good evening everyone, I have about 150lbs of good malachite ore that has yet to be polished/cut. I have some large pieces roughly 10-15lbs and some smaller pieces good for jewelry! Any idea as to where I could start selling my pieces? I don’t know where to market rocks.
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2022.01.29 04:09 BadArtCartoon These socks need to chill

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2022.01.29 04:09 DarkForest_NW Just a lady taking her bird with her to the supermarket.

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2022.01.29 04:09 WassUp-000 This vaporeon from fossil has seen better days.

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2022.01.29 04:09 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy WhenLambo (WHENLAMBO) - Step By Step Guide

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2022.01.29 04:09 truemaniam [rumour] Gears of War or Fable could receive a remastering like Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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2022.01.29 04:09 jubu_jubu Brains are bad

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2022.01.29 04:09 shamansufi me_irl

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2022.01.29 04:09 heydrashti The Game is still on!

GUYS. I know a lot of you (including me) got rejected/deferred. I was deferred from Harvard REA and I was ABSOFUCKINLUTELY heartbroken. I had my bio final exam on 18th Dec (decisions released on 17th) and couldn't even completely cry/ study. mom made a regional dish that had to be cooked on wood instead of a gas stove and it was VERY windy that day, the food remained raw, even if we heated it on the stove afterward. i binged ate the raw food (thinking that it was completely cooked), cried unladylike sobs at night, had to OFCOURSE listen to music because how would I ever deal with it, got less sleep, vomited in the morning, AND had diarrhea throughout the morning.
Fast forward to today, got rejected from UT Austin.
Fast forward to April, gonna get rejected from Harvard.
Pressing the present, all I EVER wanna say to you is that, it doesn't matter if Northwestern, UMich, Northeastern, Purdue, OR IN FACT any bullshit college that took your efforts lightly enough to defereject you. it takes real E-F-F-O-R-T to apply to any college on top of attending high school.
PLEASE PLS PLEASE know that even if you are rejected/ deferred, there are A LOT of opportunities waiting for you. A LOT. as the title says, the GAME IS STILL ON. not getting in early DOES NOT, BY ANY CHANCE, mean that you are never getting in ANY college. the colleges that deferred you had a pretty awesome shot of admitting a very, very qualified student- but they blew it away. don't give them more of your energy. JUST DON'T. rather spend it on the things that YOU love. with people that YOU love. with what brings YOU happiness. with what doesn't question YOUR existence as an individual. Cause that is the ONLY thing that will be remembered and cherished in the end.
thanks for reading it till here lol. I can be very emotional when it comes to supporting my virtual friends as i don't have any real ones, lmao.
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2022.01.29 04:09 Jakek5 My 19 day streak disappeared! Did this happen to anyone else?

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2022.01.29 04:09 pisedoff111 Fikk faktura uten å være kunde hos strømselskapet: – Jeg kan ikke være den eneste

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2022.01.29 04:09 raviverma9334 Python Tutorial | Python Crash Course Part-03 — By Debug.School

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2022.01.29 04:09 oevansvn Presale is live on Pinksale in 8 hours | Certik Audit | Liq 10 years | 1500%_APY

Introducing the $CLASS Token Presale!
Cyberclassic concluded its private token sale to well-known crypto Investors and venture capitalists which is 5% of total supply and token will be vesting for 4 month time. Token price in private sale as following:
1 BNB = 22575 CLASS Tokens Total 232 BNB raised in private sale.
Private sale was close @ 26 Jan 16:00 UTC 2022. Raised funds securely.
The Cyberclass team has scheduled the presale of its native BEP-20 token, $CLASS, for Jan 29th, 2022, at 15:00 UTC. The presale will have a soft cap of 750 BNB and a hard cap of 1400 BNB. Join presale here: Pinksale
(Buyers can choose to purchase : 0,3 BNB–8 BNB)
Official Contract:
36% Unlocked tokens reserved for staking reward in staking contract (Staking pool will start once presale is over)
Audit done by Certik: Audit Report
Holders of CLASS tokens will soon be able to use the token right after presale to stake and earn APY of 1500% on staking platform
Cyberclassic Tokenomics
➔Staking: 36% ➔P0–10% ➔P1–10% ➔P2–4% ➔P3–4% ➔P4–4% ➔P5–4% ➔Presale: 30% ➔Liquidity: 16.5% ➔Private seed funds: 5% ➔Treasury: 3% ➔Marketing/Airdrop: 3% ➔Team/Advisory: 2% ➔ILO Fee: 2% ➔Contingency: 1.5% ➔Ecosystem: 1%
About Cyberclassic NFTs
Cyberclassic is a first 3.0 third-person and user-controlled NFT game based on Blockchain. An NFT game that allows players to buy, own, train, and play their Cyborgs in different battles and tournaments to earn and win. It provides a wide variety of cyborg characters on its platform, that too, in the form of collectible non-fungible tokens. These cyborg NFTs are a view of the future, a future of genome engineering, AI, machine learning and robotics. These collectible NFTs are a sneak peek into our advanced research and development.
For more information, visit or Read Whitepaper
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Documentation | Github | Youtube | Reddit | Contact
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2022.01.29 04:09 oneoheight Traffic solutions?

Would you agree if I tell you that most of traffic everywhere is caused by people slowing down and taking their time to pass the accident? To observe and evaluate what they have seen. Which technically takes away from the thousands of individuals behind you, and the sets an example for the driver suffering from rubber neck syndrome.
Please just keep driving, look straight, and don’t be a contributor of slowing down to see the horror, alas it’s none of your business anyway .. thanks for listening to my rant, yet it’s Been on my mind since ages, I appreciate your attention.
Love ya!
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2022.01.29 04:09 Evastover At what weight/bmi could you exercise more?

Hi all,
I’m (F) 5’3 and 300lbs, down from 330lbs (BMI is 53). For my exercise I’ve been walking on a treadmill but it’s hard on my feet so I was looking for something a little less impact… I tried the elliptical instead and it was great for my feet but even going slow as possible, I was at or nearly at my maximum heart rate the whole time and I figured that wasn’t safe? (I stopped after 15min) (anyone with any thoughts on heart rate zones feel free to chime in).
I would much prefer to do an elliptical over the treadmill, but I’ve got to lose a little more weight first/get more in shape.
Was there a weight/bmi when any of y’all found you were finally able to do exercises besides walking?
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2022.01.29 04:09 Dibbs_93 If anyone's looking at getting rid of some turnips, not much but it's something.

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2022.01.29 04:09 AdamaOfCylon Those Truckers kept us Alive!

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2022.01.29 04:09 Bermin299 First time online seller with a question

Hey guys. I have a question.
I sold some toys last year through private sales on Facebook and was paid via PayPal G&S. 6 items sold in total. All told, and not factoring in PayPal or shipping fess, I got $615 selling these items. All but two items were sold at a loss after finding receipts and other payment info and comparing how much I originally bought the items and how much I sold them. One item was sold at a $20.00 gain, and another item was sold at a $5.42 gain. This is before factoring in any PayPal fees or shipping fees. Overall, without factoring PayPal fees or shipping fees, I had a net loss of $22.06 selling these items. I also held all these items for several years, all the items were opened and used over those years, and the items were Metal Build Gundam premium figures and accessories, which the IRS might classify as collectibles.
M question is this: How do I record the income from those sales on my taxes? I sold those items to clear space in my home, not to make a profit. I also personally used all the items sold for several years before selling them. I know if this is classified as hobby income, I can't claim any losses. I'm fine with that. I have no intention of turning selling toys online into a business. I just want to make sure I record this $615 income right on my tax returns.
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